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Pablo chaco


My art is grounded in the human body, which acts as both my muse and the foundation for a poetic language that bridges the real and imagined. Employing an intuitive and experimental process, I use performance and staged photography to explore the interplay between the body and the natural world.

My work is deeply personal and involves collaborations with other artists and humans, which I consider integral to the artistic process. With an experimental approach to photography, I push the boundaries of what's possible and aim to create work that inspires and challenges.

Through the use of reality and imagination, I encourage viewers to consider their own relationship with the natural world and the human body. I am constantly inspired by the beauty and complexity of the world around me, and strive to capture that essence in my art.

Ultimately, my goal as an artist is to create work that encourages viewers to see the world in a new light, while also fostering a deeper appreciation for the diversity and power of the human body.


With a background in the advertising industry, I bring a distinctive perspective to my role as a photographer. Since 2010, my focus has been on exploring the realm of digital photography, employing an experimental and collaborative approach.

A pivotal moment in my artistic journey unfolded in 2015 when I embarked on a long-term collaboration with a visually impaired friend. Our joint endeavors have yielded a body of work that garnered recognition, with publications by editorial RM and exhibitions held at esteemed venues like Montevideo's CDF and Mexico's Centro de la Imagen. This project compelled me to reassess the role of photography in our society, fueling a profound fascination with alternative modes of perception and image creation.

As the founder of the collective art group "Lobulo Frontal," I actively collaborate with performing artists and educators, cultivating spaces for artistic experimentation and fostering education in my hometown of Cali. Throughout my career, I have remained dedicated to utilizing art and photography as potent tools for social change and education, with a particular emphasis on empowering young individuals.

My current body of work delves into the intersection of technology and art, as I delve into the realms of AI tools and NFTs to transcend the boundaries of traditional photography. Concurrently, I am also engaged in the publication of a book that delves into the theme of blindness, exploring how it shapes our perception and creation of images.


At the heart of my artistic pursuits lies a desire to challenge conventional perspectives and reshape our understanding of the world. Through my experimental approach to photography, coupled with a steadfast commitment to collaboration and education, my aim is to inspire viewers to delve beneath the surface of images, fostering a deeper engagement with the art and technology that shape our lives.

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